Sean Hickey speaking into microphone

The Mind to Music project

Mind to Music

The digital age has brought innumerable advantages. However, many important things are at risk of being lost in the transition - things that make us human and remind us of who we are and where we come from. This risk is as true for Western Classical Music as it is for any other art form. 

The Mind To Music Project grew from the recognition that more and more classical music artists around the world will be working with computers, ultimately transforming hand annotated sheet music into relics of another age. This site seeks to provoke an awareness of and inspiration from such handmade markings ahead of the homogenizing effect digital use will inevitably have.

A Note from the Author:
I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to the artists who have so generously contributed their handmade annotations to this project. They are among the most notable musicians, vocalists, composers and conductors working in classical music today.” – Susanna Briselli

“For me, the act of composition is often that: an act. At least at first. though I may often be hit with the idea of a rough melodic or structural shape of a piece, most of the inspiration usually comes from the work just produced, and the developing work imagined. In that regard, the best way to complete and ensure the validity of any idea is to continue down the path that the material dictates, and to resist the desire to get in its way”.
– Sean Hickey, Composer