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Pied a Terre

flute, viola, harp
FP: 1/08, Jean Hus Church, New York, NY

For flute, viola and harp, this work makes an excellent addition to the repertoire for the "Debussy trio" instrumentation.

Program Notes

Pied-a-terre was composed in 2007 for the instrumentation of flute, viola and harp, often called the “Debussy trio” because of that composers’ famous work. The piece is in one short movement marked “enigmatically”. Gradually, the enigma lessens and a more direct, melodic nature predominates, marked by warmth. The piece is dedicated to the memory of Peggy Atkinson, a well-known singer and teacher and a very close friend to our family who passed away in 2007. We had the immense pleasure of taking care of and enjoying her pied-a-terre – a second home – for several years on the Long Island North Fork. For my family, Peggy will always have a “foot on earth”, a literal translation of the work’s title.


The work was premiered in New York in 2007 and recorded in 2011 by a spectacular trio of musicians, on the Delos release, Cursive.


  • Cursive - Piano and Chamber Works - 3/25/14 release date

    Delos releases Cursive, a selection of the composer's piano and chamber works featuring the extraordinary pianist Philip Edward Fisher performing six of the composers works for solo piano. Also featured is violinist Julia Sakharova in Ampersand, for violin and piano, and flutist Brandon Patrick George, violist Anne Lanzilotti and harpist Meredith Clark, in Pied-a-terre.


Cursive album cover