Sean Hickey reviewing score
‘Substantive and Savvy’ -Gramophone Magazine
Sean Hickey is an American composer who’s unique post-modern voice stems from wildly different music from Zappa to Stravinsky.
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Sean Hickey

“If there were a contest for hardest working man in New Music, my choice for a winner would be Sean Hickey.”
– Sequenza 21

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1970, Sean Hickey’s earliest music education began at age 12 with an electric guitar, a Peavey amp, and a stack of Van Halen records, the early ones of course. He studied jazz guitar at Oakland University, later graduating with a degree in composition and theory from Wayne State University. His works include a symphony (‘Olympus Mons’), concertos for clarinet, cello, recorder and mandolin, two string trios, a string quartet, a flute sonata, a woodwind quintet, several chamber works, numerous pieces for solo instruments, choral, theater and orchestral music.

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